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What research is there to support mindfulness?



There have been many scientific studies into the benefits of mindfulness.  Twenty years ago, we had to rely on the reports of mindfulness practitioners.  Now, with brain imaging techniques, we can actually see the changes which have happened in the brains of people who learn to meditate. 


These changes help us to understand the physical and psychological mechanisms which make mindfulness effective.  Understanding these processes helps us to further develop effective (and cost-effective) interventions to help people suffering mental distress.

Is there any religious content?

Mindfulness can be learned and practiced by anyone.  This is a completely secular course.  Some of the practices have their roots in Eastern traditions, but have been adapted specifically for use in a secular context.  Mindfulness training is beneficial to people from any background.  

Does it matter that I’m not very fit?

“Learning Mindfulness is easier than you might think, and it could change your life.”

The “mindful movement” in the course is gentle and always adaptable to individual’s fitness, health issues or injuries.  Focussing attention on the movement is the emphasis, always being aware of our limits.

“Learning Mindfulness is easier than you might think, and it could change your life.”

Does it matter about the homework?

The emphasis in mindfulness is on being kind and gentle with ourselves, so any issues that come up can be addressed in this way.  We are encouraged to make the practices our own, suitable to our individual temperament, needs and environment.  We are encouraged to apply ourselves diligently but not to set “goals”.  In this way, we can see how things are in each moment rather than worrying about achievement.

Can I do the course if I have mental health issues?

The course is aimed at people who would like to find ways of coping with stress and anxiety, and /or increasing general well-being.  It presumes a basic level of mental health as a starting point.  If you have current serious mental health issues, it is probably not the right course for you at this time.  Please contact me to discuss the way forward.


groups & 1 to 1's

“Learning Mindfulness is easier than you might think, and it could change your life.”

How will it work?

You can telephone or email me to discuss the course.  If necessary, please leave a message where I can reach you or safely leave a message.

taster session


“It can be helpful to bring the qualities of the mountain in our lives … rooted, dignified, calm … Calmness abiding all change, knowing that storms may come and storms may go, and we can just sit, just like the mountain does …”

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