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We only regret the chances we didn't take

People wait all week for Friday, all year for summer and all life for happiness



+ Self-Compassion

Be happy for

this moment.

This moment

is your life.

all programmes include

Weekly sessions 

A half-day Retreat (currently via zoom)

Instruction-led mindfulness meditation and gentle movement meditations

Guidance and support

A guidebook



MBSR Programme

8 Weeks


Stress Reduction


An initial orientation or chat

Eight weekly sessions of

1-1.5 hours


A guidebook 

Weekly email contact

Custom made guided meditations to support home practice

An invitation to my next Half-Day Retreat (currently on zoom)


I have sought 'therapies', of varying types, in the past and all have helped me through specific difficulties.  With Mindfulness however, I finally feel I have the tools to help myself as well as the means by which to make more of any given moment.

During the course, with a tendency to overcomplicate and overthink, the practice has been the greatest challenge for me, but I remind myself all the time that the principle really is simple and there is no right or wrong.  Highlights of the course have been learning the 3 step meditation, starting to recognise when and how I get in my own way, understanding the true meaning of 'Acceptance' and seeing my Mum as my compassionate companion rather than a loss that I want to run away from.

My mantras - 'name it, tame it and befriend it' and 'let it be'.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Nat, November 2021

Zoom Groups £240

per participant





Finding Peace in a

Frantic World



A very accessible Mindfulness programme for community settings, the workplace, privately and it has been taught to Parliament.

It offers a different way of living.

Teacher support for developing a personal mindfulness practice.

Invaluable resources.

Mindfulness in our everyday lives to manage difficulties.

But, also to cultivate joy, compassion, equanimity and wisdom.

Zoom Groups


per participant





The Compassionate Mindful Resilience Course

Coaching with Compassion.jpg


This course, the first of its kind on the market – (the research around the efficacy of the course is being conducted by Newcastle University).


The CMR programme, will be taught via zoom.  You will learn how to use shorter, more bespoke practices and coping strategies, all aiming to promote higher levels of self-kindness, techniques to help manage stress, resilience and feelings of robustness and empowerment.


Week 1 Exploring Mindfulness and Compassion

Week 2 Cultivating Emotional Intelligence

Week 3 Developing Resilience

Week 4 Feeling Resourced and Connected.



Zoom Groups

MSC programme

6 Weeks



(adapted from the work of

Kristen Nef + Chris Gerber)


An Initial orientation or chat

Six weekly sessions of 1.25 hours

Weekly summary email contact

Custom made guided meditations to support home practice

Zoom Groups


per participant


1:1 also



Mindfulness and Living with Compassion



Adapted from the work of

Erik van den Brink + Frits Koster


The programme builds on basic mindfulness skills.

Grounded in ancient wisdom and modern science.

Learn how compassion shapes our minds and brains.

Benefits for our health and relationships.

And to experience more warmth, safeness, acceptance and connection with ourselves and others.

Zoom Groups


per participant


1:1 also



Mindful Eating with Mary

Coming Soon!

5 Week Course



Mindfulness (MBSR) 


Peace in a Frantic World


Mindfulness Self-Compassion


Mindfulness + Living with Compassion


Zoom Groups 

and 1:1 available

1 hour per week

Daytime or Evening 

to suit your Schedule

Climb the mountain so you can see the world, not so the world can see you

What we think, we become -- Buddha

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