1:1 8-Week MBSR Programmes

via Zoom or Skype

wherever you are

One hour a week 

during the day or evening to suit your schedule.


Also suitable for couples

and up to 4 people

(Longer sessions)

“It can be helpful to bring the qualities of the mountain into our lives … rooted, dignified, calm … Calmness abiding all change, knowing that storms may come and storms may go, and we can just sit, just like the mountain does …”



Mindfulness is a simple form of meditation. A method of mental training. A life skill for the challenges and choices we all face in our lives.


groups & 1 to 1's

8 week MBSR programmes

via Zoom or Skype

wherever you are

Nurturing & Nourishment Packages

“Learning Mindfulness is easier than you might think, and it could change your life.”

exploration session


Thinking about doing a Mindfulness Programme, but not sure what to expect? Maybe you have some questions or need some information? .Let's connect and you can experience a short meditation and we can explore the way forward for you.  Email me for a date and time..



“The mountains are calling and

I must go!”



“It was challenging, always rewarding and ultimately life enhancing!.”

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“Learning Mindfulness is easier than you might think, and it could change your life.”

1 to 1  testimonials

Dee . Wimbledon

December 2015

When I first talked to Mary I remember being sceptical of the mindfulness process. It had been recommended to me by so many people, including my GP, but somehow it was easier to carry on my well trodden path of anxiety, low self-esteem and uncertainty. I so badly wanted something to change but didn't want to make a change. As part of Zest4Life I got introduced to Mary who has managed, in 8 weeks, to make a dent in my stubborn ways

She has taught me so much. I have learned to relax and realise that I don't need to control everything; I am able to reason out stressful situations rather than immediately react and I have learned to trust myself more rather than rely on the judgement of others. 


As corny as it sounds, mindfulness has really enabled me to live in the present rather than the future or past. Don't get me wrong - it is hard work and I am a work in progress but through the process I have learned that this in itself is ok. 


Mary is a wonderful guide and calming presence and I shall be eternally grateful for the gift of teaching me mindfulness that she has given

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